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School project to create a lamp for a client by using LED strips. Aesthetics, consideration of driver and repairability were all factors to be considered


The goal was to create an elegant and functional lamp using LED strips provided by a given outside company. The light should be able to contain the driver needed to transfer the AC current to DC as well as be designed in such a way that the LED strip can be replaced easily in case of malfunction. 


Lighting fixtures are abundant in today's world. I decided to try and take an artistic approach to this project and played with the concept of how you turn the light on. This project provided the opportunity to create a lamp that communicated the idea of completion. When you place the light component in the correct location and complete the lamp, the light turns on.

Asset 2trans.png
Asset 1trans.png

School Assigment

1 Week

Ideation and Testing

A model to look at balance

Background Research

Embarking on this project, I had to develop an understanding of how LED light worked and how various materials transmitted light. I also looked into classic lights and tried to identify what made them successful.

Final Design

From the Greeks, Xenial signifies a positive relationship between two parties. Created from brass, acrylic and plastic, this polished lamp is a modern statement piece that was inspired by an old classic, the Bankers Lamp. To turn the light on one must physically place the light into position on the supports. The unique detachable light, it provides users with a much more engaging experience, as well as allowing for easy part replacement in case of malfunction.

The ability to pivot provides the user with the ability to direct light in any direction preferred. With the twisted supports, changing the angle of the supports will not cause for uneven adjustment, ensuring the light always stays parallel to the base.


Asset 1q.png


Asset 2q.png


Asset 3q.png

Easy to repair

The lamp is turned on and off by placing the light on the holder. 

When the lamp is placed in the "on" position it completes the circuit, thus turning the light on 

How it works


Pivoting base allows the user to adjust the direction of light



Asset 10az.png

Driver stays hidden in base for added weight and easy installation 

Magnetic body allows for note and reminders to be magneticly attached to body


Asset 4q.png

Technical Drawings

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