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Vee vee

Vee Vee is a self-stirring slow cooker and fondue hybrid for individuals in small spaces. Rotating the food by rotating the bowl.


In our busy lives it often seems that there are not enough hours in the day to complete everything that needs to be done, often making it very difficult for individuals to prepare, cook and eat their own homecooked meals. This often leads to individuals buying fast food or eating heavily processed pre-packaged food. This is particularly problematic for individuals in small spaces who don't have space to store appliances.


Opportunity lies in creating an appliance designed for individuals living in small spaces that requires minimal time and effort for meal prep. 

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3 Months

School Assigment

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Background Research

Embarking on this project, we studied various kitchen appliances by journey mapping different cooking processes. We were able to gain through an understanding of the various kitchen cooking processes as well as the different contexts that products may be used in relation to demographics and living situations of users.
The research was done in a group, members include: Kelsey Rozon, Paul Daniel,Tatum Dietrich

Key Findings

Slow cooker sizes on Market

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Interfaces on Market

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Ideation and Testing

I wanted to create an appliance that could be set apart from other slow cookers and fondue machines on the market, in order to do this, I decided to design an appliance that would stir food continually.

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The various pictures show models created to explore interface, form, size, and perform user testing. The results of these tests dictated the final size, interface, and form.

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Design Solution

VEE VEE is a highly unique kitchen appliance that rotates food during cooking. The small size and compact appearance make it suitable for 1 - 2 people depending on function with a maximum capacity of 1.5 quarts. The compact nature allows for a versatile product that does not take much space on the counter top thus requiring minimal effort to store. Offered in a wide variety of colour the product comes to reflect the user giving it emotional significance.  

With its many uses, the Vee vee allows people in small environments to make a variety of different meals without compromising aesthetic or function. 


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Fast cooling

Asset 3s5s.png

No moving parts

Asset 20s5s.png

Analog/Digital hybrid

Asset 7s5s.png

Self rotating

Asset 4s5s.png

Provides two functions

Asset 19s5s.png

Self rotating


Various colour options allow for users to select their own "unique" appliance and help create emotional durability

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How it works

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Asset 18trans.png

When designing the navigation, it was necessary to include aspects of analog. When using analog devices, users are always able to see what setting they left their products. Incorporating this into the digital display was important. 

All previous setting remain visible to user at all times.

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Journy Map

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Form Study

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