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Tacti(cool) Vest

I love camping, and I love my dog. I wanna be able to bring my little dog with me but I want to be sure she can carry her weight (pun intended). A dog can carry at most about 25% of its body weight. Meaning for my 12lb dog she can carry about 3lbs. That's enough for light supplies.

Truthfully the great thing about her being so small is she's the perfect size for a scaled prototype.

The purpose of this vest is to create a modular vest for dogs. This maximizes usability and customization.

This will be displayed as a major project, but until that point, I will place it here.

this was a great project as it taught me a lot about soft good practices and different materials.

The final materials Chosen were

  • Corderua: Chosen for its durability and waterproofness

  • 3d Mesh: Chosen as a lining to allow the dog to breathe under the very impermeable cordura

  • Nylon: For straps and buckles. Chosen for its durability.

The final design allows for:

Quick removal and application

Does not limit dogs range of movement

Preserves heat during the winter and allows the dog's body heat to dissipate in the summer.

Process video:

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