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Skateboard Rings

Made in collaboration with

Alex Young-Davies

Allison Kachela

In first year a group of student and myself wanted to become more acquainted with being in the shops and the design process. One of the members was an avid skateboarder and had an abundance of old skateboards collected.

As the cheap students we were, these serve as perfect building materials. Due to the low cost and variety of colors. We had experimented with various ways to make the ring but found that the most efficient way to make multiple (by hand) was as follows:

The first thing we would do would be to drill out a hole slightly smaller than what we wanted the ring size to be.

Following this, we would use a hole saw and painstakingly align it so that we could have a blank to start shaping.

After ( a considerable amount of time sanding) we were left with rings made from recycled materials. We even took it further and explored packaging ideas, different ring shapes, and other products that could be made using recycled skateboards.

We were able to sell a couple of these and still make them for friends and family.

(Shelly we will get you one I promise)



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