A magnetic pull back car that can fit in your pocket. 


In addition to the information provided to us by Spin Master, I pondered the toys that made an impact on me and my fellow classmates' lives. After discussing with several people I concluded the top three most successful toys of our childhood. 



Mighty beanz 

Contrasting these toys to find what they had in common I came to the conclusion that children in this age range enjoy toys that enable them to:

Solo play

Collaborative/ competitive play with peers


Ideation and prototyping

Primary prototype
Working prototype
Protype in action
Working prototype
Intial concept prototype
Intial concept prototype

Final COncept

Magnetic wheels that allow for a unique toy. This simple yet unique toy promotes imaginative and collaborative play 

Pull back and release to launch car! 

Folded toy spring release into final form. Meaning kids can carry it in their pockets or bags

Individual play

Car can be used on any magnetic surface that can be imagined!

Magnetic wheels allow it to preform maneuvers that cannot be done by ordinary toy cars.


Various models and colours allow for children to pick their own bike

Play with peers 

Tracks can be purchased and used to compete against friends. Or they can use their imagination to create tracks out of various metal parts that can be found around the house.