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Game Background

Chronicle: Balance of Power is a high-stakes, real-time Grand Strategy game set in an alternate version of 2019. In this world, parallel to our own, society sits on a knife's edge. Three superpowers: the United States of America, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and the Divine Technocracy of Japan vie for control of the world.

My Role

I was introduced to the team after the brand and visual language were developed by my good friend Andy Vasquez. Andy and I designed the UI/UX and most of the visual content as a team.


*This project was discontinued, we are still proud of our work and I would like to show it with you

UX/UI design

Video Editor

3D Artist (using Blender)

Motion Artist

Graphic creation

Game Trailer

This trailer was cut to audio created by Kieran Straw the Audio Designer. It features concept art that was created by the concept artist: Harold Palad. Gameplay mock ups were created in AfterEffects.

UX/UI Development

UX/UI development

Lean UX




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Using Figma we worked with the developers to create site maps, and insperation boards in order to understand the game designers end goal. We chose to use this design process due tot he speed of the project.

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Information Architecture

We started the process by organizing the information that would be displayed on various screens.

Here are two examples of using a diagram to organize how and when information is displayed during certain actions.

This is the initial information architecture for the cabinet view along with some ideations developed with the client.

Site maps.png


Using wireframes we did our first round of user testing. Here's a quick look at some of them!

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Concepts developed for programers to implement in the game. Microanimations were modeled in after effects to give programers a clear idea of what the final result should be. This is version 1.

Trade Agreement UI Sampley
Right Click Menu

Country you're playing as

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Event Notifications

Event Pop Up

Building Information

Country Econimics

Map Modes

Game Actions

Country stats

Country selected


Building Information

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Project was not funded and no longer continued. If I had continued the next step would have been to start testing our designs.

3D Models
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3D Models

Using references from the most advanced design currently used my militaries around the world today each model is constructed in order to fit the style of the game. The aesthetic criteria are shown below.

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