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Black Diamond

Black Diamond is a wall mount that not only shows off your prized broad, it displays it like a piece of art. Making it seem more like a part of the home decor than a storage system. The ability to display your equipment in the home, not only saves an enormous amount of space, it shows off the beautiful craft of the snowboard.  

The project was simple: 
create a solution to clutter in a living area.


As a student living in Canada, I witnessed firsthand the struggle of attempting to store snowboards when living in small apartments or in school housing. Their large awkward shape prevents them from storing nicely in closets and prevents them from being stood on their side. 

    Seasonal usage

Size restriction:

The product’s largest face should fit on a 8.5” x 11” page 



Proof of concept

Form test

Secondary form test

Concept models

The solution

Black Diamond is a solution to storing/ displaying your equipment whilst staying elegant and clean. 

During the winter months when you’re out on the slopes, leaving the wall mount it falls into effortlessly into a piece of wall art. 


Easy and convenient way to store your snowboard

Works With or without bindings

When not in use the display fall into decorative wall art

Effortless transformation


Board tilted forward
Board leans on strings to protects the wall from being scratched as well as providing the correct distribution of weight to enable the storage system to perform properly 


Fabric to protect edge of snowboard

Frosted acrylic

Weight embedded in wood to make component lie flush when trying hanging freely


Fabric protects walls

The components that hold the snowboard can be positioned at various distances allowing it to hold any size or style of snowboard

The use on one continuous string allows the components that hold the snowboard to remain horizontal regardless of their position

Working model

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